Thursday, February 25, 2010

Working in F I



RMT-G: "Birds of death" if it is just one individual is dead, "the tribe die out there" if it is to die for it called the solid points all belong to the tribe.

RMT-E: "Birds of death" if it is just one individual is dead, "the tribe die out there" if it is to die for it called the solid points all belong to the tribe.



RMT-G: A fall during a game of softball, I have a left shoulder injury. I did not feel pain during the game, but I was excited too, since the end of the game, the pain is the pain changed.

RMT-E: It falls while playing a game, and a left shoulder has been injured about softball. The pain changed into acute pain after the game had ended though the pain was not so felt while playing a game because it was exciting.



RMT-G: But no matter how elaborate setup that it's wasteful of bone at all.

RMT-E: A complete, useless bone no matter how it exerts one's ingenuity.



RMT-G: To cultivate a leak, Mark Lee was, in particular you can do. (The end "- that." Respond as.) Off the insulation, in that I put on a valve

RMT-E: How do for mark Lee to do to suppress the water leak to be do concretely?(Answer the end of sentence as "?". ) The heat insulator was cut, and an inside valve was occupied.



RMT-G: "You" care of (not filled with benevolence Oko) in fact not be targeted.

RMT-E: No object that receives the care of "You" (do of filling with the philanthropy mind).



RMT-G: The water in the water, the water can flow Komu Nigotta from typhoons and heavy rains after a big one.

RMT-E: Because it is a big deal that water with which the typhoon and the heavy rain will become impure later flows into the water of the water supply.



RMT-G: And social situation (people) feel better, more clearly burst into words

RMT-E: Word to which social conditions (people) and hows to feel it appear more frankly



RMT-G: Given that Americans "do not put a rolling stone is moss" in "moss" mean.
(Attachment to scorn,) Those smudgy

RMT-E: Meaning of "Moss" of "The rolling stone doesn't apply the moss" that the American considers.
(Adhere when throwing out. ) The dirty one

Mine: What do Americans think the "moss" in "A rolling stone gathers no moss" means?



RMT-G: Greeks, it was called different ethnic Barubaroi word that is unwarranted verbal contempt cases.

RMT-E: It is an unjustified contemptuous in word example that Greek called the race with a different word [barubaroi].



RMT-G: "Sympathy is not for the People" to "not show mercy for the person" is interpreted to be, or what theory did for me. Astonishing new theory.

RMT-E: As for "Mercy doesn't become it because of the person", what theory was to understand for the author , saying that "The other party is not benefited when showing mercy"? New theory for which it should surprise it.


RMT-G: nest

RMT-E: nest



RMT-G: Liana beneficial aspect is that the movement to protect forests from wind and light.

RMT-E: Profitable respect of the hung plant is to do movement to defend foresting from a strong wind and light.



RMT-G: "Plane tree, being fooled by artificial light and warm this winter," from within, please書Kinuki words that express the human plane to the plant.

RMT-E: Extract the word where the plane tree that is the plant is expressed like man from among "The plane tree is cheated in such artificial light and warm winter".



RMT-G: I (I) to Eduardo, and "I could get ready. Eduardo ravage the already finished eating." To describe actions that are part of doing this means, please書Kinuki the following number of characters.
Warm tap the body of Edward's shiny.

RMT-E: I (author) : to Edoardo. 「It was possible to prepare it. Has Edoardo already ended meal, too?」Extract the part where the action that it is a meaning is described by the following number of strokes.
Edoardo's warm, glossy body is beaten.



RMT-G: Lines "Are you sharp," and there, even if I do what has to be the Surudo.

RMT-E: To what is the author comparing the sharpness , saying that segment "It is sharpened" though it is?



RMT-G: Segment "遠眼鏡" is a metaphor likened what you represent.

RMT-E: What is segment "Glasses for the far-sighted" expression of comparison [tahiyu]?



RMT-G: In the main hall, there is a large Buddha statue that I've seen in textbooks, but has the desire to want to touch dwarf, "the Buddha can never touch me" to adhere to the conventions that can tolerate was.

RMT-E: Regulations "The buddhist image is never touched" decided to be observed strictly, and to endure it though in the main temple, there is a big buddhist image that has been seen in the textbook, and the desire that it wants to touch has boiled.



RMT-G: Nigeri hand tighten until the last moment, a nun who continued encouragement.

RMT-E: It is [nigerishime], and it is a nun to the last second who kept encouraging it as for the hand.



RMT-G: The best words in rectangles, write text and select from.

RMT-E: Choose in sentences and write the best word for the rectangle.



RMT-G: Scrooge when give vacation Christmas clerk either demanded what Finally after all said darkness they snuff. So that morning, there are only minutes earlier come to miss Christmas.

RMT-E: What did [sukuru-ji] demand after severely saying disagreeable things when the rest at Christmas was given to the clerk at the end? Go out early to the extent that it took a rest at Christmas in the morning of [assate].



RMT-G: The deficit-covering bonds and construction bonds, or remaining blowing what is their place? The remaining construction debt is created by the bridges and roads, it remains the only place in deficit-financing bonds are debt.

RMT-E: What remains respectively in the construction debt and the deficit-covering debt, do you differ? The place where only the debt remains in the deficit-covering debt though the bridge and the road made from it remain in the construction debt.



RMT-G: Cabinet is the highest organ of state power rather than the political conduct of the administrative work.

RMT-E: Politics that does work of not Cabinet that is highest organ of the state power but the administration.



RMT-G: The law, how (in any field, as what) you shall be enacted. In place of the law is made in behalf of the people who are making the people as a political institution.

RMT-E: Is the law the one enacted very (Assuming that what place ..what..)? In the place of the law made from national [noda] [dai] [kotowarisha], it is organs of government as people's intentions.



RMT-G: Leader of the party leaders have gathered has been waging a fierce debate.

RMT-E: Political leader..gather..stormy argument..unfold.



RMT-G: The Shozo Tanaka, and also ran a rickshaw at night anyway, the Why? Extrusion farmers, pushed out to Tokyo for Wait, I want to let myself to tell.

RMT-E: Why is it at that Shozo Tanaka had the jinrikisha run regardless of night? To tell that it wants me to wait to begin to push to farmers and Tokyo of pushing out, and to leave it.



RMT-G: 9.1 thousand years 夜Fuke date February 2, Why are people gathered. To perform the right of petition has been stipulated in the Constitution.

RMT-E: Why are it at that grew old on the night, February 2, 1900, and people gathered? To execute the right of the petition stated to the constitution.



RMT-G: The newspaper reported the case of mineral poison Shozo appeal directly to the contents and flown a statement of the case, only the public side.

RMT-E: The public opinion seethed by the newspaper that told the mineral pollution event as details of a case and Shozo's direct appeal sentences hung.



RMT-G: The farmers lamented that many from the death of Tanaka Shozo, do you see that kind.
The corpse of Tanaka Shozo, are shelved in the tens of thousands of farmers from the went back to the soil.

RMT-E: From what is it understood that Shozo Tanaka's death was lamented by a lot of farmers?
Because Shozo Tanaka's carcass is seen off by tens of thousands of farmers, and it returned to the soil.



RMT-G: When both parents died, and his brother began a good work in Kyushu Island is, what with?

RMT-E: What is it elder brother's who was supposed to work at Kyushu starting to say when dying with parents?