Monday, June 4, 2007

Problems in E I



What did I who had been awfully surprised do? (Note the end of sentence of the
answer. )


Started beginning to run eagerness.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Problems in FI 14x

FI 144b


RMT: It buries it under ground thrusting the branch of Hiiragi.

ヒイラギ is holly



RMT: Does it try to be paid to the demand of the contribution from the gentleman in Scluge? Do you try to refuse? Are you hesitant?

I think the question is really asking about Scrooge's response when the gentlemen ask him to donate. Does he try to refuse or hesitate? However, there doesn't seem to be any hesitation or trying there. He just refuses?



RMT: The morning of the day after tomorrow must come out early to the extent that it
took a rest at Christmas.

Makes sense as Scrooge's admonition to come to work early on the 26th.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Problems in FI 9x

FI 91a


RMT: As a result, it was able to enter the school that had been said that it was
difficult to pass.

FI 95b


RMT: I (author) : to Edoardo. 「It was possible to prepare it. Has Edoardo already ended meal, too?」Extract the part where the action that it is a meaning is described by the following number of strokes.

This question really means to find the 22 characters that have the meaning "something about preparation and he asked if Edward had already finished eating?"

The answer must be:


RMT: Is it a la, is it Edoardo, and is in work already?

FI 96a


RMT: Line..actually..last

The answer is six characters that go where the 何する is, but I can't find a candidate...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Problems in FI 10x...

FI 101b





It uses however too much too much a lot, and ..muscle.. Arawa rather takes care not
to become it actually.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Problems in FI 8x...

FI 84b


RMT (Raw Machine Translation (from Excite)): Profitable respect of the hung plant is to do working that defends foresting from
a strong wind and light.

The missing word that had to be filled in was 有益 (ゆうえき), which is a complicated term that seems to be quite frequently used in Japanese. ALC has over 200 usage examples. It seems to have a broad sense of being beneficial or good or effective.

FI 87b


RMT: What meaning is line part "It is Ona exactly fir cone"?(To insect's king and the way of Onamomi. )Meaning called it is only a key.

Obviously difficult for the machine to parse... The モミの実 part must be the fir cone, which must be a pine cone, so モミ must be a fir tree. However, that was a false trail, and オナモミ turned out to be a cocklburr, which actually makes proper sense in this context. Therefore I can replace オナモミ with a word the translator can deal with... However, using 林檎 for apple, actually confused it more, causing it to parse 実 as truth rather than fruit... It is clear the intention of the passage is to refer to the seed body of a cockleburr plant, but after all this effort, it still remains unclear what sense it resembles the かぎだらけ, which is unfortunately the still mysterious answer.

FI 89b


Raw machine translation: Extract the word where the plane tree that is the plant is expressed like man from among "The plane tree can be able to be cheated in such artificial light and warm winter".

The tree is actually something called an Oriental planetree or Oriental plane tree, and it seems to be some kind of sycamore. I think the question is actually saying something like "Find the word in this passage (underlined in the original) where the plant is treated like a person, and the answer is だませれて in the sense that the tree is being cheated the way a man could be cheated or fooled.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Problems in FI 7x...

FI 78a


What mercy is according to the author "Mercy" put in feelings like "To tell the truth, it is an indirect act of my body that it is kind to the person"? Impure mercy

FI 79b


What is tasting the proverb?


Our selfish interpretation is generously permitted.

FI 73a


Proverb of idea of American, and "Moss" of "The rolling stone doesn't apply the moss" of this ..the
meaning (The cheek adheres when putting it)...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kumon Page FI 78a


The other party might be spoilt, and it uses it thinking, it is "Do not become it because of the person" that not is suitably educationally, and however, when mercy is put, it is effective and doesn't have the face that shows of everyone amusing doing of several young men and women who are together it though the new theory for which it should surprise it doing of one young person who was drinking tea this proverb ("Mercy doesn't become it because of the person").


As for "Mercy doesn't become it because of the person", what theory was to understand for the author , saying that "The other party is not benefited when showing mercy"?