Monday, March 19, 2007

Problems in FI 9x

FI 91a


RMT: As a result, it was able to enter the school that had been said that it was
difficult to pass.

FI 95b


RMT: I (author) : to Edoardo. 「It was possible to prepare it. Has Edoardo already ended meal, too?」Extract the part where the action that it is a meaning is described by the following number of strokes.

This question really means to find the 22 characters that have the meaning "something about preparation and he asked if Edward had already finished eating?"

The answer must be:


RMT: Is it a la, is it Edoardo, and is in work already?

FI 96a


RMT: Line..actually..last

The answer is six characters that go where the 何する is, but I can't find a candidate...

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