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Working in G II

Basically Being the Machine Translation Study Notes for G II (circa 2011)



RMT-G: The criminal, arrived from A threatening letter.

RMT-E: The threatening letter arrived from the criminal.

RMT-B: Threat condition reached from the criminal.


RMT-G: Prime Minister's speech today, I languid optimal.

RMT-E: Does today's prime minister's speech lack in force more?

RMT-B: Don't you think? the present speech of the prime minister now is lacking in one force.




RMT-G: Look what I Imiru room, what's going on and answer.
The butterfly wings were broken, saw the angels are on the board of Emiru vain efforts, he did it with his attempted explanation.

RMT-E: I need to answer what it did in the room of イーミール, seeing what.
The butterfly which became the broken feather also saw Emil's efforts appear in the setting block in vain, and it tried detailed explanation, when he did.

RMT-B: I answer looking at what at the room of [imiru], whether how it does.
The [chi] [yo] [u] which becomes the feather which is broken, effort of a meal to be vain observing at that it has been recorded before the spreading/displaying wing board, that when by his did, tried detailed explanation.



RMT-G: I, like tests in school are more afraid than the monster.

RMT-E: I tried to want for a writer to be more dreadful of the examination in a school than a supernatural creature.

RMT-B: As for the writer, like than the ghost we fear the method of testing in the school.



RMT-G: This is not the view from the heights of their dangerous to go out of the vortex, but rather because the view from the heights of the guys Ijike 低Mi of chest tight, it should be apathetic in the middle of a vortex that be.

RMT-E: In order that this may come out of a dangerous whirlpool, and it may not look at it from a itself height but it may look at the height of the party who stretched the breast from low み of イジケ rather, it is being シラケ ているべき in pine free [ vortical ].

RMT-B: This, going to outside the dangerous eddy, by yourself are not to watch from the high seeing, in order on the other hand, [ijike] to watch at the high looking of the party who is proud low from seeing, whether the shelf which the eddy waited it means the [shirake] [te] we should be.



RMT-G: Concerning what and what does the writer say "moment you want There is a difference a"?

RMT-E: Concerning what and what does the writer say "There is a difference a たい moment"?

RMT-B: The writer something concerning something “is the [se] cord difference which wants”, that you have expressed?



RMT-G: Elephant is like a slave, and willingly followed his master's instructions.

RMT-E: The elephant followed a master's command obediently like a slave.

RMT-B: The elephant, like the slave, 唯 々 諾 々 followed the order of the master.



RMT-G: That our farmers, with a sign of weakness of will, why?
To avoid those that are masters Otsuberu white.

RMT-E: 百姓ど -- although -- why put the mark of surrender?
In order to avoid becoming a white thing of オツベル which is a master.

RMT-B: Is the farmer, as for acquiring the sign of surrender, why? In order to avoid the fact that it becomes something whose [otsuberu] which is the master is white.



RMT-G: I, I think one has said what the wisdom of mankind.
One is always coming, consider ways to confront the disaster of the earthquake downright uncomfortable.

RMT-E: Does the writer say that he thinks that what is one of the wisdom of human beings?
The policy for leaving and tending toward the very troublesome disaster of an earthquake certainly come someday is considered.

RMT-B: Has the writer, expressed that you think that something is one of intelligence of the mankind?
Be sure to think of the plan in order at all to face to troublesome, sooner or later comes, earthquake disaster.
RMT-YJ: What states the writer that I think that I am one of the wisdom of the human?
I think about a policy to confront the very difficult disaster called the earthquake to do by all means sometime soon.



RMT-G: Panni said, urban, more rural areas are much more vulnerable to earthquakes. Recently, for example the experience of the Great Kanto Earthquake, which was now so much vertical measures. However, never yet fully idea.

RMT-E: To ぱん, a city is [ when ] much weaker to an earthquake than to rural areas. The measure made it fairly built [ come ] these days taking advantage of experience of the Great Kanto Earthquake etc. However, it can never be said as completeness still.

RMT-B: Generally, the city is that than the district directly is weaker in earthquake. Recently, utilizing the experience of Kanto major earthquake and the like, it reached the point where you can build measure extremely and increase did. But, perfection you cannot say under any condition yet.

RMT-YJ: Generally, the city is more vulnerable to an earthquake than a district. Make use of the experience such as Kanto major earthquakes recently; and considerable measures がたてられるようになりましした. However, I cannot at all yet say the perfection.


RMT-G: The large difference between the damage but that earthquakes similar, when the Great Kanto Earthquake of years about 200 earthquake Genroku Edo period, the percentage has become the city gained wants or flammable traffic congestion, most people , but died in the earthquake rather than directly from burnt to death in a fire continued to burn after the earthquake.

RMT-E: Although it is the same earthquake, damage is greatly different because confusion and the thing which burns easily of traffic are a るえた city and the rate died in the flames in the fire with which almost all persons continued burning even after the earthquake rather than were directly killed in the earthquake in case of the Great Kanto Earthquake about 200 years after the Genroku earthquake of Edo.

RMT-B: Although it is similar earthquake, as for those where damage is different largely, when Edo Genroku being Kanto major earthquake after approximately 200 year from earthquake, as for ratio, congestion of traffic and those which are inflammable the [ru] have become the city which is obtained, most people, not to be directly to die being earthquake, to burn in the fire where also after the earthquake continued to burn because it died, is.

RMT-YJ: Though it is a similar earthquake, damage is heavy, and a different thing is because the ratio was burnt to death by the fire that continued burning after a thing of an earthquake not it is in congestion and the 燃 えやすいものがるえた city of the traffic, and most people having died of a direct earthquake at the time of the Kanto major earthquake approximately 200 years after the Genroku era earthquake of Edo.



RMT-G: For their beautiful colors, and where it is necessary to take Teiu vertical. Butterfly wings are beautiful, bar none. Have produced this beautiful color and texture, "powder scales" is. Scale "powder" is indeed the words of an oriental feel. European languages ​​that simply scales. And it is a representation of the actual figure is closer to law.

RMT-E: It is not necessary to exact here and to say about their beautiful color.
a butterfly -- bounding -- it is beautiful without a complaint. It is "鱗紛" that has produced this beautiful color and pattern. The scale "complications" is the language of truly oriental touch.
In the Europe language, it is only called ウロコ. And the way of this is expression near an actual figure.

RMT-B: It is not necessary to say particularly here concerning the color where they are beautiful. The splash of the butterfly complaint dying is beautiful. This the fact that beautiful color and pattern are produced is “scaly be mixed up”. Scale “be mixed up” surely is word of the oriental feeling. In European language you call [uroko] simply. And, it is the expression where this one is close to the actual form.

RMT-YJ: About their beautiful color, it is not necessary to say particularly here. The splash of the butterfly is beautiful unquestionably. It "is 鱗紛" to bring about this beautiful color and design. Scale "紛" is the words of the quite Orient-like feeling. I say merely scale in the European word. And this one is the expression that is near to a real figure.



RMT-G: We have to know that many efforts are 追Imakura, fresh out because some judgments on the basis of false knowledge, it does not become right just because you have considered a lot of knowledge but rather, rather there is a danger that we forget that knowing rather a lot.

RMT-E: Since there is also judgment struck and built on the basis of the knowledge which we were pressed with the efforts which it tries to know mostly, and was mistaken, There is also a risk of forgetting what it does not necessarily come to think correctly just because it had many knowledge, and is considered on the contrary by getting to know many rather.

RMT-B: We to chase in the effort which it tries probably to know mainly, the pillow [re], to strike erroneous knowledge in the foundation because there is also the judgment which was built, because it had many knowledge, saying, is not the case that it reaches the point where it is thought just and it is to have the danger the [te], on the other hand of forgetting that you think rather by the fact that you know many.

RMT-YJ: Because we are rushed by the effort that I am going to know a lot, and there is the judgment that I am based on wrong knowledge, and was established, I am right, and it does not come to be thought because I had much knowledge, and there is the danger to forget that I rather think by rather knowing most.159


RMT-G: May have been made in the letters column of a newspaper controversy. It is a debate about the so-called supernatural phenomena. Supernatural phenomenon, the so-called psychic phenomena Toka said that the spirits of the dead through the refrigerant, is a phenomenon that Toka Tokaiu faith perspective, saying that letters to the presence or not of such a phenomenon there were many letters of the person. Some people, such behavior will not exist, because it has denied the scientific claimed. Letters to the scientist again In contrast, no do not think so, and there is no such phenomenon just because it is impossible to explain the current science can not be determined whether such phenomena lies in the actual course will have to consider carefully the effect, if it is true that resides Moshimo or not a mission of science to explain such facts, we argue that.

RMT-E: A dispute may be performed by the readers' column of a certain newspaper.
It is the dispute about what is called a supernatural phenomenon. Although the supernatural phenomenon was a phenomenon, such as what is called a psychic phenomenon that the dead's soul tells through a coolant, fluoroscopy, and will, there was many people's contribution to the contribution to the effect whether such a phenomenon exists. Since it is scientifically denied because, as for a certain person, such phenomena cannot exist was claimed. On the other hand, it cannot be concluded that such a phenomenon does not exist just because a certain scientist contributes again and cannot explain by the present science which is not awfully so, Of course, although the fact had to examine well whether such a phenomenon would actually consist, supposing it carried out thing existence, it was claimed whether it is a scientific duty to explain such fact.

RMT-B: Dispute has been done with the contribution column of a certain newspaper. That is dispute concerning generally known supernatural phenomenon. With supernatural phenomenon, the generally known spirit kind of phenomenon which spirit of the deceased talks via the refrigerant, perspective or sense power, is the kind of phenomenon which is said, but there was contribution of many people vis-a-vis the contribution of the gist whether it does not mean that this kind of phenomenon exists. As for a certain person, as for such phenomenon it cannot exist, because that is denied scientifically, with you insisted. The scientist who confronts this contributing and, it probably will ease, is not, because it cannot explain with present science, saying, it does not exist it cannot conclude such phenomenon, whether or not such phenomenon really exists of course, depending on fact you must examine well, but we assume if that exists fact, if is, you insisted whether it does not mean that what explains such fact is duty of science.

RMT-YJ: A debate has been carried out by the reader's column of a certain newspaper. It is a debate about so-called supernatural phenomenon. The supernatural phenomenon was so-called psychic phenomenon that the soul of the dead talked about through a refrigerant or seeing through or willpower and the phenomenon that it was said, but there was the contribution of many people for the contribution of the purpose that such a phenomenon might exist. As for a certain person, as for such phenomenon, why which could not exist insisted that it was denied scientifically. In contrast, a certain scientist writes again, and cannot conclude that such a phenomenon does not exist because cannot explain it in unpleasant current science; might depend on a fact whether, of course, such a phenomenon really kept it, and must examine it, but insisted on whether it was a scientific duty to explain such a fact if, in fact, it kept it.



RMT-G: However, if they think themselves the illusion that elementary school students to present their views Moshimo, I must say it is rather dangerous in a sense.

RMT-E: However, a schoolchild has an illusion that it is thinking by oneself, then, probably, has to say it that it is rather dangerous in a sense to announce an opinion.

RMT-B: But, that it is to think of that the elementary school student announces opinion by your if we assume that it misunderstands, as for that you must say that rather it is dangerous in a certain sense, probably will be.

RMT-YJ: However, it will have to be said that in a sense it is rather dangerous if I get an illusion when to think that a primary schoolchild announces the opinion by oneself.



RMT-G: "" Non-scientific scientism "is what I stand, ie.

RMT-E: "-- "-- is it the unscientific scientism ", i.e., what kind of position?

RMT-B: “Is “non scientific scientific principle” namely what kind of standpoint?

RMT-YJ: "In other words, what kind of situation is" "the unscientific scientism?"



RMT-G: Semyon is called, do not say that to myself.

RMT-E: The called semillon has said that its thing meets.

RMT-B: As for [semiyon] which was called, the [wa] which say your own thing that so.

RMT-YJ: セミョン summoned to says oneself that it goes.


ただ畠仕事には一つ厄介なことがあった —— というのも、何一つやるにしても、いちいちそれを線路監督に願い出て、それからまた管区課長へ上申しなければならなかったからで、申請が戻って来る時分には、もう時期おくれになるのだった。

RMT-G: The field work can be difficult, but there was one - because, even if you do nothing, and petition them to coach track each of them, in the province also had to escalate to a manager then the applicant the time has come again, which was delayed for another season.

RMT-E: There was merely a thing troublesome [ one ] in field work.   -- That is, even though it did nothing, the track supervisor was requested for it one by one, and it has already become stale at the time from which an application returns since it had to report to the precinct section chief again.

RMT-B: Simply there was one troublesome thing in 畠 work, that - - also what you say, whatever one you do doing, applying that to railroad track supervision one by one, then because and you do not report to region section chief, when application comes returning, was already becoming timewise lag in amount.

RMT-YJ: It might be only one trouble for field work —— Because even if nothing did it, I applied for it for track supervision one by one and then this was because I had to report and was able to already send it to Section Manager district again at time at the time when application came back.



RMT-G: Sutepanuuichi is the sight of the Director, or want anything said to you.

RMT-E: What did ステパーヌウィチ also tell itself he would want, catching a sight of a bureau chief?

RMT-B: As for [sutepanuuichi], looking at the form of the Bureau Chief, you said that you want something even by your?

RMT-YJ: ステパーヌウィチ watched the figure of the chief of the bureau, and what told oneself that I wanted it?



RMT-G: Not silly, that the man he is not silly at all, fifty classmates were laughing at me until a while ago, the allies seemed as if I were entirely. The first time I felt that sudden change is hateful even to the contrary.

RMT-E: There is no たわい, a fellow called man does not have たわい, and 50 classmates who were laughing at me until a while ago were thought of as if they became my ally entirely. I felt even hate on the contrary for the first time in the sudden change.

RMT-B: It is the [wa] to be, being something which is not, as for the person, human completely it is the [wa] to be, being something which is not, to the [tsu] coming 50 classmates who ridicule me entirely became my friend it was thought as though is. I am hateful rather the way of the volte-face, even you felt.

RMT-YJ: たわいのないもので, 50 classmates who sneered at me really until human being というやつはたわいのないもので, a while ago seemed as if I all supported me. I was clear, and I rather felt hatefulness in the way of the sudden change.


RMT-G: What I felt for what is hateful and answer in his fifty-six hundred.

RMT-E: I need to answer to what hate was felt by 50?60 characters.

RMT-B: I vis-a-vis something hatefully whether you feel, answer with five 〇 ~ six 〇 letters.

RMT-YJ: Answer in 50-60 characters what I felt hatefulness for.



RMT-G: There are role models 一応, but would form something it badly if applied directly, and it comes to writing at random, without any object in front of me, there is no secret language that can lean like a figure-eight .

RMT-E: There is a model once, if it writes as it is, even when he is poor, it becomes some forms, but if it will be said that it writes randomly, there is also no subject at hand and there is also no password like the character of 8 which can lean.

RMT-B: Once, if there is a model and scratches that way being unskillful, it means that something, becomes shape, but when it means to say that at random like this, there are no either object ones before the eye, it seems like eight letters, there is no either token which can start to approach.

RMT-YJ: There is a copybook, and I am poor, and it is in some kind of form if I just write it, but there is not the secret language that can lean such as eight characters without an object in front for the time being when to write it at random.


RMT-G:"Bullshit anyway" is, What is life like this.

RMT-E: Is "writing randomly" such business?

RMT-B: “At random like this”, it is this kind of business?

RMT-YJ: Is it such working "to write at random?"













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Working in G I (from 2011)



RMT-G: The fun I said, "I"and "man" where there is a face that resembles a meal. I try to write like that.
The old man lunch box every night, eating alone.
Kun and eat dinner lunch always Hashi Kawabe, I by me, but mom try to eat dinner is usually Mamoru Hitoshi endless.

RMT-E: Having been interested me has respect that looks like the meal of "We" and "Grandfather". It is written to look like that.
The grandfather eats the box lunch alone every evening.
Only Mr. Kawabe also always eats one's lunch supper, and it is mostly a sushi that eats supper though it sees and I am me of mother.

RMT-B: As for I being funny, me” ““the uncle it is and” it is about there to be a surface which is similar to the meal. That it tries writing out the place where it has been similar. The uncle it is and every night, it eats the lunch alone. Kawabe dinner eats the lunch always and, as for me being I, although the mother sees, as for those where you eat dinner it is the mostly sushi drill.




RMT-G: Suddenly the boy appeared in sandals, or any place that was strange. ○ Please enclose the correct number.

×:Yes, I have a brand new straw sandals but a dry causeway.
×: I leave any footprints on the ground but soaking wet.
As you leave the ground and stiff with plenty of moisture forever.

RMT-E: What place was strange as for sandals of the boy who showed up unexpectedly?Enclose a correct number with *.

×:Place where brand-new straw sandals are swept though it is dry causeway.
×:Place where footprint doesn't remain on ground though it is soggily wet.
When the water made enough is left on ground indefinitely, it absorbs it.

RMT-B: As for the straw sandals of the boy who appears suddenly, some place was strange? Surround the correct number with the ○.

×:Although it is the bank road which dries the brand-new straw straw sandals the place where it is.
×: Drenchingly, although it has gotten wet, at the point where the footprint does not remain in the land.
Forever when it keeps leaving the moisture which is done fully to the land it is dense the [ru].




RMT-G: According to me, man Why do I admire Ririshisa.

×: the will to live in a complex imbroglio relieves feeling fit.
To take off in one direction, the manly and refreshing, there is also a sense of fulfillment.
×:Ririshisa is not more important than kindness, patience Dzuyosanoirumonodakara.

RMT-E: Why does man yearn to dignified according to the author?

×:Because it will live while untying the getting twisted [au] emotion complexly.
Flying away in one direction is neatly brave, and because it also has the sense of fulfillment, :.
×:Because it is dignified, and is also important the piercing halfbeak, and [irumono] of endurance [duyosa].

RMT-B: According to the writer, the human why is gallant, it is to yearn? Ã

×: While undoing the feelings to be entwined in a complicated way because it means to live. To one direction, to question that it passes, at all the [gi] it is good and, to be full, because there is also reality.
×:Therefore it is gallant, it is easy, being more important, those where perserverance [zu] good quality is.



RMT-G: I the reader, do you recommend to live in any world.

×: do not hesitate to walk out the first step, to live in the world of Ririshisa.
×:Instead of making a will of their populations living in the world of fascism.
Dzuyosano need patience, kindness in the world of living.

RMT-E: Does the author encourage the reader to live in what kind of world?

×:It is not necessary to hesitate to begin to walk in the toe in the door, and live in the world of dignified.
×:Divide, and live in the world of the fascism my intention the will of the group.
Live in the world of necessary easiness of endurance [duyosa].

RMT-B: Does the writer recommend that you live in some kind of world to the reader?

×: Starts walking the first one step you do not hesitate, it is gallant, live in the world.
×:Will of the group change your own intention, live in the world of fascism.
Necessity of perserverance [zu] good quality, it is easy, live in the world.




RMT-G: Did I treat you how fine ridges.

In the relationship between the child was playing well together reluctantly.
×: One year from planting because his got a lot of wisdom with.
×:I get jealous because your country has, together had to not play.

RMT-E: How did I touch peak [chan]?

It occasionally played reluctantly together by the association of ..child.. supply.
×:A lot of hints were given from me one.
×:Because country burnt the combustion possession, it was made not to play together.

RMT-B: Was I touching the peak how properly?
There was also a thing where with association of the child, it is without manner and the [tsu] does and plays to the [yo].
×: Because you are on one year by yourself, it had acquiring many intelligences.
×:The country because the anther, it was and the [tsu] did jealousy and had tried not to play in the [yo].




RMT-G: The next teacher, I thought how Goichi why the hanging bridge.

×:I wanted a game of chicken.
×:Not like his name from.
You not go to middle school, had in desperation.

RMT-E: How did the next field teacher think about the reason why [wareichi] hangs in the iron bridge?

×:Because the courage comparison wanted to be done.
×:Because it did not like my name.
Because it is not possible to go to the junior high school, and it despairingly existed.

RMT-B: Did next field teacher how think of the reason where our one dangles to the iron bridge?

×:When you want to do the courage comparing, the empty.
×:Because your own name did not like.
Not be able to go to junior high school, because the [te], it had become extremely.



RMT-G: For the line, following the teacher thought, "Goichi" means, you are one of the following.

×:Means that the eldest son inherited the father's name.
We are alone in this world only has meaning.
×: it can only mean that in a reckless one.

RMT-E: As for the line part, which is the meaning of "[Wareichi]" that the next field teacher thinks about among as follows?

×:Meaning that it is eldest son who succeeded father's name.
Meaning that only one crack is in this world.
×:Meaning of doing all alone by unreasonable thing.

RMT-B: Concerning the line section, next field teacher thinks, “is our one” meaning which among the following?

×:The meaning of being the eldest son who succeeds the name of the father.
As for the crack the meaning only one person of being in this world.
×: The meaning of doing alone it passes even with unreasonable thing.



RMT-G: Continued from generation to take over the family business his grandfather's inn.
In commerce it is also easier said than others is not a doctor.

RMT-E: The inn of the family business that continues from grandfather's counterplan is taken over.
The work of doctor is not as easy as others say either.

RMT-B: The hotel of the occupation which continues from the generation of the grandfather is succeeded.
Either the occupation, extent doctor whom others say is not easy.


RMT-G: Many small businesses went bankrupt due to the recession.
Become a millionaire by starting businesses based on substantial debt.

RMT-E: A lot of small and medium-sized enterprises went bankrupt for the recession.
It became a billionaire in the business started based on a large sum of debt.

RMT-B: Many small and medium-sized business went bankrupt because of depression. At the business which is begun on the basis of the debt of large sum you became 100,010,000 millionaire.



RMT-G: After one year the total monthly cost subtotal, was seated in the budget.
To calculate the percentage of the total of the subtotals for each item.

RMT-E: When the subtotal of the expenditure every month was totaled for one year, it was settled ..within the budget...
The subtotal of each item calculates the percentage of total.

RMT-B: When subtotal of expense of every month was summed up one year's amount, while estimating it had been settled.
The ratio which subtotal of each item occupies in the whole is calculated.


RMT-G: "Delivery" and is to deliver the goods.
"Taxation" and is to collect tax.

RMT-E: "Delivery of goods" is to deliver goods.
"Collection of taxes" is to collect the tax.

RMT-B: “The delivered item”, it is to pay the article.
“Tax collection”, it is to collect tax.



RMT-G:Dirty my characters, a friend told me sarcasm facile pen.
The newspaper has cartoon satirizing contemporary social problems.

RMT-E:The friend put sarcasm and said that my dirty character was good handwriting.
The cartoon of the newspaper satirizes the trouble with the modern world.

RMT-B: The friend including sarcasm, was the letter which me came and is not, that it is the writing brush.
Cartoon of the newspaper has satirized the problem of today's society.



RMT-G: Sukiyaki is one of Japan's leading hot pot.
In the barbecue over, you spit the meat and vegetables.

RMT-E: The sukiyaki is one of the typical pot dishes of Japan.
Meat and the vegetable were made a kabob with [ba-bekyuu-].

RMT-B: The sukiyaki is one of the typical meal served in hot pot of Japan.
With [babekiyuu], the meat and the vegetable 串 were burnt.


RMT-G: Among the shochu, awamori is known as Okinawa specialties.
My grandfather, born in Okinawa, but, I also love non awamori shochu.

RMT-E: Awamori brandy is famous in the shochu as the speciality of Okinawa Prefecture.
The grandfather loves shochus other than Awamori brandy from Okinawa.

RMT-B: The millet brandy is famous even in the low-class distilled spirits as a specialty item of Okinawa prefecture.
But as for the grandfather, Okinawa graduate, we love also the low-class distilled spirits other than the millet brandy.



RMT-G: Because policy changes with confusion was panic should proceed progressively.
His radical policies was nobody is too large to keep up change.

RMT-E: Because the shift in policy accompanies confusion, it is necessary not to panic and to advance it by gradual degrees.
Because the change is too large, none of radical policies of him can follow.

RMT-B: Because modification of policy confusion is accompanied, you are not flurried and should be advanced progressively.
That radical policy is good being attached, change being too large, no one.



RMT-G: The examination hall is not just the head looked like a good person, I was embarrassed.
But very fashionable sister, my brother does not pay attention to clothes.
She previously was a coward enough to go the bathroom alone.

RMT-E: There was only a person who seemed to be smart in the examination hall, and I lost my nerve.
The elder brother is careless in clothes though the elder sister is very fashionable.
That child was a cowardly person so that it was not possible to go to the rest room alone before.

RMT-B: Only the appealing person of the head being in the entrance examination meeting place, I hesitated.
But the older sister very foppery, the older brother is indifferent in the dress.
As for that child, in the past, it was the extent cowardly person who cannot go into either the rest room alone.



RMT-G: Finally the final stage or trial is finally adjudicated.
Played a great last-minute reversal of the game with ten seconds later.

RMT-E: The trial also comes to an end finally, and the decision is finally given.
The large reversal was accomplished at the last moment of game end at ten another seconds.

RMT-B: Also judgment to come to an end more and more, finally decision.
Large reversal was carried out with the place of execution, tournament end in ten seconds after.


RMT-G: By landslides caused by earthquakes, the roads are blocked.
Unleashed a shot to stop the opponent's goalkeeper.

RMT-E:The road is intercepted because of the landslide due to the earthquake.
The goalkeeper obstructs the shot that the other party shot.

RMT-B: With the cliff deterioration with earthquake, the road is cut off.
The goalkeeper obstructs the chute which the partner shot.



RMT-G: The position of the balloon missing to guess based on the data.
But no evidence, speculation should not say anything.

RMT-E:The position of a missing balloon is guessed based on data.
Do not count to not well-grounded in the guess.

RMT-B: Position of the balloon of whereabouts obscurity, is presumed on the basis of the data. Although there is no either basis, with guess influence you must not have.