Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working in F II

My new strategy recorded in this study blog is to focus on the mistakes I've made in my recent study. Instead of fixing the problems right away with little understanding, I'll study the mistakes much more carefully now and return with the connections to a later class. (By the way, this means that the dates on the pages of this study blog will not mean too much, since I'm planning to go back and forth over the same material until I've pretty much learned it by heart, rather than my old strategy. Rather than ranging widely over several years' material, I'm planning to focus on one year at a time for now.)

A lot of this is basically input practice and machine translations, with RMT-E for Raw Machine Translation from Excite and RMT-G for the Google version. I'll probably insert some [bracketed comments] for places where I disagree with or have comments on the translations. I should probably annotate some pronunciation information, too...



RMT-G: People, when making a snowman, We make it rolling. The Coeur scarab ball and is adept at making the Born while the ball rather than to roll up the ball Korogasu, Korogasu before, I would completely spherical Tsukutsu.

RMT-E: Man rolls when the snowman is made and makes it. However, scarab [sakure] who is the expert of the gem-making completely makes globular while giving birth before it doesn't roll but rolling the gem to round the gem.



RMT-G: Korogasu droppings that are rolled, or what benefits. A large amount of droppings, the advantage of a time long Hakoberu.

RMT-E: What advantage are you in rounding excrement and rolling? Advantage that a large amount of excrement can be carried at a time far.


RMT-G: "Well, we willingly and insect pushes passes the ball." when the line part of the Sacred Heart Scarab, specifically on what we are trying to dumb the ball look like? But he was immediately on the Cuckoo, and Push the ball go on behind the direction.

RMT-E: How is the gem concretely pushed and is scarab [sakure] raised at line part "Getting [ssa] and the insect proceed pushing the gem"? The gem is pushed and raised by [sagadachiwoshita] externals for [ushiro].

RMT-B: “Huh, with, the insect keeps advancing doing the ball.”At the time of the line section, is [sukarabe] [sakure] how to keep to do the ball concretely? With the appearance which is done, is to keep to do the ball in rear direction.



RMT-G: As far as the right to read the documents, the scarab came later, not a thief, look, what you see. (One animal for another Scarab) I see friends.

RMT-E: In the limit that reads right sentences, isn't it a thief, and what is the scarab that came seemingly seen?
(another scarab) The friend is seen.


RMT-G: Line of "better on the ground" are you the proprietor. Or, you thief.

RMT-E: [Mochinushidesuka] line part "It is on the ground". Or, is it a thief?



RMT-G: ① Scarab is what you will not soon.

RMT-E: ?Does it drink and what will not the scarab do before long?



RMT-G: Picture when the phone was expected, when compared with the current changes in the way people think about what I do. In Japan, that now that the emphasis on privacy.

RMT-E: What is it that changed in people's ideas when the photograph telephone was forecast and when present is compared? Japan came must to give priority to privacy.

RMT-B: The photograph telephone is estimated when and, when comparing with presently, are those where it changes with method of thinking the people what kind of thing? Even in Japan, it reached the point where emphasis is put on privacy.



RMT-G: ケナガマンモスは、ぶあつい体毛や脂肪層など、万全の寒さ対策をして、シベリアの環境に適応していったように思えた。

RMT-E: [Kenagamanmosu] seemed to have adjusted to the environment of Siberia by cold vs. planning thorough like a thick body hair and the fat layer, etc.


RMT-G: (Yet) and human evolution has continued to flourish, as opposed to the extinct of the Kenagamanmosu Why?

RMT-E: (Yet. )Why is it at that has exterminated [kenagamanmosu] contrasting it with the human race who keeps evolving and prospering?


RMT-G: >The mammoth became extinct about the causes, and two leading theories are pointed out, one of them, which is divided into two further theories. In other words, global warming theory, theory that rapid cooling.

RMT-E: Two powerful theories are given about the cause that the mammoth is exterminated, and, in addition, the our one has divided into two theories. That is, it is a Global warming theory, and a rapid theory of making to the cold.



RMT-G: Theory of global warming, the extinction of mammoths are related to climate throughout the earth, thought that.

RMT-E: Making the earth a temperature was ..Global warming theory.. related to mammoth's extermination, and it thought.



RMT-G: But (Mammoth), the loss of food extinct, but the theory that, from the stomach of a frozen mammoth excavated plants is not yet digested (food going!) Is a mystery about the discovery.

RMT-E: exterminate..theory..excavate.. freeze..mammoth..stomach.. inside..still..digest.. find..mystery..remain.


RMT-G: The author - Do what the department described the line. Grand and mystical hypothesis

RMT-E: How is the author criticizing the line part? Grand, mysterious hypothesis



RMT-G:The mammoth, it was now a target for people to make hunting tools.

RMT-E: It became the target of man whom the mammoth was made the tool and had come to hunting.

RMT-B: Mammoth, making the instrument, it became the target of the human who reaches the point where hunting is done.



RMT-G: In other words, the voice of the dog "Doggie" is the climb and play, but only until the early Edo period at most.

RMT-E: In a word, dog's voice "Bowl bowl" cannot be done until about beginning about only [e]-household age and it rise in the umbrella.

RMT-B: In other words, voice “bowwow” of the dog at the highest to around only the beginning in the Edo era, it is not to be able to climb.



RMT-G: Because, just because "Hiyono" voice of the dog believe that this is an hard.

RMT-E: Because the one believed that "Lamplight" is dog's voice is difficult it is possible to hold this.



RMT-G: This means, for example, [recorded] in editions of Kyogen, a clear voice in the dullness of the dog "Biyobiyo" notice that has been referred to.

RMT-E: This is understood from the clear mark of dog's voice in [hanhon] of 'Trick record' for instance by the voiced sound, "[Biyobiyo]".

RMT-B: This, for example, 'in the edition book of farce description', voice of the dog clearly with sonant “the [bi] it calls and” with it is understood from the fact that it is inscribed.



RMT-G: By the way, "Well all" to "speak" and pronounced.

RMT-E: By the way, [beu]" ..".. pronounces, "Mausoleum".


というのも、鋭く深く刻まれた大小のガラスの器は、光を屈折して輝く、というよりは、器そのものが発光体なのではないかと錯覚 してしまうほど光が漲っているのだ。

RMT-G: Because, the small and large glass bowl was sharply etched, and bright light refraction, or rather is so light that they 漲Tsu the illusion of the idea itself is an emitter device.

RMT-E: Because there are the container of the mistake for not being because the container is an illuminant in dependence of refracting light and shining of the big and small glass carved sharply and deeply by light and is [**].


というのは、鈴木さんは、溶鉱炉や転炉や圧延機械といった、大製鉄所の設備機器を修理・制作するのだが、たとえば、巨大な炉の一部に欠陥が生じた場合、それを止めたり解体し たりはできないので、その欠陥を修理するために必要な、特別な機械、すなわち、狭い空間、足場の思い高所に見合った機械を、すばやく設計して作ってしまう のだ。

RMT-G: I mean, Susan, such as the furnace or furnace and rolling machines, but to build a large steel plant equipment repair, for example, if there is a huge flaw in the part of the furnace, or stop it or demolition can not be required to repair the defect, a special machine, ie, small space, Takashi Tokoro appropriate to think of machines scaffolding, designed to make it happens quickly.

RMT-E: Because Mr./Ms. Suzuki repairs, produces the equipment of a large ironworks such as the blast furnace, bofs, and the rolling machines, and the machine that corresponds to the desire height in a special machine necessary not to be able to stop, to dismantle it when the defect is caused partially of a huge furnace for instance, and to repair the defect, that is, tight space and work stand is quickly designed and it makes it.



RMT-G: (But) we came away from the mouth of the Susan is not difficult, it was a pleasure making the sweat.

RMT-E: (However,)It was pleasure that went out on the tip of Mr./Ms. Suzuki's mouth that sweated as it was not a hardship and made the one.


RMT-G: However, the words of one of the extremely skilled, well aware that it can to support the skills of their people usually have in common too.

RMT-G (2 years later?): However, the words of one skill and Unusual, in that well aware that their support of regular people skills, are common too.

RMT-E: However, it is too common in the point to be conscious well of the support of me by the techniques of a word of the person who studied one skill thoroughly and usual people.


RMT-G: Mr. Suzuki Ryouzi Does it work to say what his job? Technology and long cultivated in the factory, there's wisdom in all each other out, work can be the first time.



RMT-G: Plastic products, for example, for TV commercials, such as golf balls and the ghost, and prototypes of new products in only one, something to create. Moreover, even if only one, not as medical special lighting, and some need only a small number. Thus, normally plastic molds tend to imagine things that are mass produced using a mold, a lot of things that make so much.

RMT-E: In the plastics product, for instance, there is something that it wants to make only one such as the golf balls for the television commercial like the ghost and making a new product for trial purposes. Moreover, there are only even no one it, and the one to need only a little number like a special lighting and the medical equipment, etc. , too. Thus, there is something that doesn't make a large amount of so much also in goods of the plastic construction it that tend to imagine the one mass-produced by usually using the metal mold.


RMT-G: In order to keep the price of the least expensive product.

RMT-E: To press it ..price of the product.. as much as possible

RMT-B: In order if possible is cheap and to hold down price of the product.



RMT-G: Therefore, the narrow and shallow basin is as different, is not easy.



The "何か" is supposed to be replaced with some other Japanese expression with five characters...

RMT-E (Raw Machine Translation-Excite):

「Such mimicry came from the factory where to Uti being refused if it was not possible to do. The bottom drops off when squeezing it to an up-to-date minute part. Utidemo had a hard time fairly. It changes, the squeezed speed is made fast, and the heated temperature is made slow. How many pieces did you break by the success?However, at the end, it becomes a thing because of the device of 1%. 」

The one that something of that alone cannot be done somewhere else might be enabled, and the factory be composed.

RMT-G (Google):

"Where from the factory, and I can not imitate is turned down, came to UCHI. Advanced to squeeze us to part with a thin, it is missing the bottom. UCHI demonstration was very difficult. Heated to a temperature change Try and focus on speed or slow or fast. What is to be successful or that the pieces broke. But the final twist to one percent of the goods going to be. "

Something else that just is not possible, and the plant will have成RI立TA.


RMT-E: The device of only 1% might enable the one that cannot be done somewhere else, and this factory be composed.


Lines of "man鋳掛" What is that? Welder


RMT-G: "Miyashiro → contact welding welding furnaces → 及森 Okuno" We are welders that have a special skill, alias, or what has been called. Expert doctors

RMT-E: What have welders of "Okuno welding → Miyashiro welding → [oyomori] [rotsu]" been called from the possession of a special technique the alias? Expert and great doctor


RMT-G: Orders for factory work, next to the sink in one's working, and working with some of the plant and how to complete.



RMT-G: Consider the views of those around me, Ptolemaic and Copernican (it moves around the Earth to the sun) is close to both.

RMT-E: Which the Copernican theory or the Ptolemaic theory (The sun is turning round the circumference of the earth) is the view near though it is regarded mainly that it is me?


RMT-G: Is close to the heliocentric theory.



RMT-G: Dad, that cowboys, cattle herds, so asked to help keep the valley from the river banks of the creek leading to steep cliffs, you can not beef in lieu of payment, and answer .

RMT-E: Because it depended the poppa when it wanted you to help from those cowboys so that the crowd of the cow should not fall from a sheer cliff that ran to the riverbank in the creek in the valley, it was answered that beef was divided instead of the price.


RMT-G: Mom, I get a good beef, and to hear from the father, his eyes shining.



RMT-G: Herds, when everyone is about to eat had to be in town, so plenty of fat, while eating lots of grass, he walked slowly.

RMT-E: It walks slowly while eating a lot of grasses because enough crowd of the cow should be fat when it attaches to the town and everyone eats.



RMT-E: When everyone fell asleep, Laura was fire that shone in a dark horizon like red eyes and quieted down quietly, was compared with the moonlight so, and saw the big moon in the window.



RMT-E: Extract the expression to understand Mary and Laura are looking at the appearance of one in surprise best from the sentence inside.


RMT-E: It is pop-eyed.




RMT-E: What is it poppa's doing to milk?

Make the [] to make it not move previous, behind Mesushi, and sideways.




What kind of beefsteak was to grill up?
Really delicious beefsteak enough gravy with texture. .


RMT-G: "Voiceless herd is also far far away Iki, the singing cowboy, is faint, almost failed to get heard." What is that you can see.

RMT-E: What is understanding from "It hardly left for a distance greatly again, cowboy's song became faint, too and the voice that the cow doesn't crowd it was able to be caught"?



RMT-G: For soldiers, including orders from senior commanders, was absolutely must obey. The commander, to fully exert their soldiers have had an important role.

RMT-E: The instruction of top management including the commander is to have had to submit oneself absolutely for soldiers. The commander had the key role so that soldiers might work effectively without reserve.



RMT-E: The roaring surged after a few seconds, and Kozue shook one after another when it came sometimes to have been compared between trees with lightning.



RMT-G: A lump of rock 三角山 large bald, like the aspect that is connected to one side of a cliff holes tunnel was crawling on the quay 立Chinobotsu Nagaredashita the gun smoke from his mouth.

RMT-E: The hole in one precipice became a tunnel and it connected with length and breadth, and a triangular mountain that is hardening of the big rock that had become bald was put the quay by ordnance [kemu] that effused from the mouth and rose.






I am, and speak to himself Uke concentrated fire, stop wasteful repetition that Kakedasu toward the front, and, to be realized that the Japanese soldiers, he stopped shooting, and Bitari.

Japanese soldiers, and boosts the rock wall I had climbed the fence into "I'm getting better! Came from?" And said the Yamaguchi mouth.

What we gonna do here until they die.


Shooting is [bitari] and [yamimashita] paved when it is understood that it is a Japanese soldier when running out stopping a useless repetition that the body turns down when I undertake the concentrated fire, and heading front.

When Japanese soldiers improve me who has climbed up the rock wall「It often came. Where did you come?」It was said separately.

We do until dying here.



RMT-E: It is ..feelings all members.. effective once for attention.



RMT-G: The captain, did you do that. Please accept the sentence 書Kinuki know it best. Just to be sure, once the feelings of all members Kikou!

RMT-E: What did the commander decide to do? Extract one sentence to understand it best as it is. It is ..feelings all members.. effective once for attention.



RMT-E: The adult must not judge it like this word ..some possibility simple [wowo]...

RMT-G: As the words, adult, the judge simply could not be some.



RMT-G: Girls born between humans and witches are around 10 years old too, think for yourself whether or not a witch to live, mind you, from your mother taught magic, the full moon of the age of 30, to the independently.

RMT-E: Magic is learnt from mother, and the girl who was the born between man and the witch does one standing at night of the full moon of 13-year-old age when it is alive when ten years old is passed as the witch thinks independently, and she determines it.



RMT-E: It doesn't become mother's witch but it makes decisions for oneself to the ring phlegm, and it comes for me to like it.

RMT-G: Instead of getting a witch KAASAN shit, with their own, and become what I like.


RMT-G: Rather than pour in after Mother Easy, my choice, become your favorite things.

RMT-E: Mother's after is not succeeded to the ring phlegm but it makes decisions for oneself, and it comes for me to like it.



RMT-G: Kiki said, "The new witch" How do you want as a Standing alone. Like a newborn baby, I want to all things new.

RMT-E: How does [kiki] want to do one standing as "New witch"? I want to renew complete like the baby of the birth setting up.


RMT-G: Standing alone Gigi and Kiki decided to date is now, do you feel?

RMT-E: What feelings are [jiji] and [kiki] that decides the day of one standing now?



RMT-G: "It's fresh and then I'll cry."

RMT-E: "It is cry [tarinoho] and [hoyanishi]. "



RMT-G: Each team is now finding out about Japan's cultural properties. We would, at the suggestion of the foreman looked at Shosoin.

RMT-E: Each group will examine the cultural asset of Japan. We examined Shousou-in by the group leader's proposal.

RMT-B: In every group, it came to the point of inspecting concerning the Japanese cultural assets. I in proposition of the squad leader, inspected concerning Masakura institute.



RMT-E: The party seemed that the inside was sure to include money and silver fully when the horse tied to the nearby nature and grain was given, and detached seemed a really heavy bag from the saddle soon.

RMT-G: Soon they are connected to the grain and give close attention to horses, which must be filled in during the gold and silver, from saddle bags取RIHAZUSHIMASHITA heavy indeed.



RMT-E: 40 thieves come out in the head of the boss this time, and it is [shimarimashita] . alone that the boss is a door as for "Shutting, and sesame seeds" before long.

RMT-G: Over time, this time the robbers came out of the top 14 of the boss, the boss, "I Notojima, Sesame!", Because houses are naturally SHIMARIMASHITA.



RMT-E: How up to now, has it been said from the woman manager by Ali Baba? Nebbish.

RMT-G: Ali Baba, in the past, or what has been said to her mistress. Kill.



RMT-E: Will, and ..[hakkattemiru].. borrowed the hole from the house of teeny Japanese fish salad in the vicinity by Ali Baba while it was carving it because I wanted to know, it say. Even a rough guess : the woman manager though Ali Baba answered that buried the count of the number of sheets under ground. g force.

RMT-G: Ali Baba, rather than count the number, I answered Uzumeyou on the ground, your wife, we might want to know about even the idea, while a hole Alibaba alone, a small Masu I decided to come crawling hue borrowed from a nearby home, and said.

RMT-B: Ant [baba], rather than obtaining, is to answer that it will fill in the land, but because the wife would like to know even with generally estimate, whether the quantity ant [baba] the [ho] [tsu] [te] while being as, raw designates the hole small from the house of neighborhood borrowing, the [tsu] have decided to try applying, that you said.


RMT-E: What attention did Ali Baba do to the woman manager? Write one sentence that becomes an answer as it is.

RMT-G: Ali Baba, or has any attention to her landlady. Write a sentence as the answer to.



RMT-G: Qasim is your wife, I realized that looking at the bottom of what Masu. Ali Baba is, without knowing it is a rich man.

RMT-E: The woman manager of the kashim noticed because she saw the [masuno] bottom of what. Ali Baba must be rising to wealth before one is aware.

RMT-B: The wife of [kashimu], it increases seeing the bottom, became aware in some thing. Ant [baba], in some [ma] you have become the rich person.



RMT-E: Does you get king Naples's help, and who deprived Prospero who was the lord of the Milan dukedom of the country?

RMT-G: Reaper king for help in Naples, took the country from the lord of the Principality of PUROSUPERO How was Milan?



RMT-E: Please confirm the number of people of entire classes, and report the class president to the homeroom teacher.

RMT-G: Class president, to determine the number of people of all classes, please report it to the homeroom teacher.



RMT-E: ??Complete [ni] sentence that is based, and interprets the scene in the right. Takumi held two (Conflict) feelings for Yozo.

RMT-G: ① ② based on, please complete the statement of the right to interpret the scene. Takumi is for Yozo, two (contradictory) I was feeling.


RMT-E: Takumi lightly mimics the pitching besides in none of precincts that are.

RMT-G: Takumi is not nobody else in the precinct, the pitching to do lightly.



RMT-G: Takumi, Takeshi look very surprised at the strong force.

RMT-E: Takumi seems to have been surprised for very strong power of Australia.

RMT-B: Skill, the circumstances which to greatly are very surprised strong power


RMT-E: ??Complete [ni] sentence that is based, and interprets the scene in the right. The fish that the boy caught has from the boy ..moving.. ..Takumi's concern.. once.

RMT-G: ① ② based on, please complete the statement of the right to interpret the scene.
Takumi interest, then, boy, the boy moved to the fish caught.



RMT-E: Takumi took the attitude to which it was curt for Australia.

RMT-G: Takumi, Australia took a stand against the cold.


RMT-G: "And saw the quarter-finals, semi-final the next day, will be watching closely too Morouta finals." The legs will look better.

RMT-E: "The semifinal and finals on quarterfinal [mi] addition and the next day are deliberate seeing [sasetemorouta] .. " The foot seems to stop again.


RMT-E: Skillful seems to have been surprised for an unexpected remark of Australia.

RMT-G: The clever, but what a surprise to the surprising statement of Australia.



RMT-G: Takumi, to Australia, was expected to know his own various Nobu was to chase immediately, and feel embarrassed.

RMT-E: Takumi knew that my ungraceful appearance was seen after even going after was being done by Australia, and had embarrassed time.


RMT-G: There have been relied upon by other boys.

RMT-E: Existence from other boys counted on.



RMT-E: What feelings of skillful appear?
Feelings to know Australia is called from junior of team by [chanduke], and to make light of Australia and new rice field Stars a little.

RMT-G: Do you feel that any sign of sophistication.
To know her rationale, known as the Australian junior team, feeling slightly underestimate the Stars and Tsuyoshi Nitta.


RMT-E: Takumi seems to renew to strength of the power of Australia that has lowered seem a really heavy bucket like seem being natural and to pay attention.

RMT-G: The strength of Australia's so obvious that lowering the bucket heavy indeed, but the spotlight Takumi.


RMT-E: What did Takumi who had begun to send the concern of Australia hear in Australia? Name of Australia.

RMT-G: Takumi started interest in Australia, Australian or heard anything. The name of the Australian.



RMT-E: Is the ball that I throw out received?

RMT-G: Do you think that by throwing the ball.



RMT-G: The author, a boat trip characteristics, we argue that even in life.

RMT-E: The author compares the feature of the voyage to the life and is discussing it.



RMT-E: Ten people and the departures of 20 people sent and sent the wireless of the separation (radiotelegraphy) from the departure of a ship to the passenger at a long time.

RMT-G: From a few hours sail, 10 people, 12 people, the farewell to the passenger radio (wireless telegraphy) YOKOSHITA sent.



RMT-E: It is only tower house and millionaire's salons that Al Seine = Lupin aim.

RMT-G: Al = The aim is EPINAY Lupine is the only salon in the tower house and millionaires.



RMT-E: What was what I had spoken to Miss Nellie?
If the hand given for the problem solving or the borrowing is used, the investigation that old [ganima-ru] seems to do to us can be likely to be done.

RMT-G: Miss Nelly to me that he is, or was it?
With hands that have been given to take to resolve the problem, so far about the investigation to their old GANIMARU that could be possible.


RMT-E: What is understanding from Miss Nellie and my conversation?
As for the possibility of the investigation of Lupin (problem solving), contrast Miss Nellie's opinion with my opinion.

RMT-G: I know from talking to Miss Nelly?
Lupine investigative (problem solving) the possibility of a contrast to my opinion and the opinion of Miss Nellie.



RMT-E: The name of the person who doesn't apply from the passenger list of names.

RMT-G: Now, if I turn off the passenger list the names of travel planning.


RMT-E: [Desuka] of understanding here how many.
The doubt cleared up up to person [uchi] and 3 of the solitary travels to which R attached.

RMT-G: What is to be found here.
R be one of the journey, three clear of suspicion.



RMT-G: "joke" a sentence that best illustrates the contents of your Meki write in sentences. (The conversation Naka Aya sentence.)
"So, everyone is nice if you arrest me."

RMT-E: Decide one sentence where the content of "Joke" is shown best from the sentence inside in the book and come. (It is one sentence of the conversation sentence inside. )
Everybody only has to arrest me because of "".

RMT-B: One sentence which has shown the contents “of joke” best, book texture come from in composition. (It is one sentence of conversational Bunchu. )
Therefore “, if everyone should have arrested me, is.”


RMT-E: Does Miss Nellie look to the person of ? and for what did you look to [mujaki]? Presence of injury.

RMT-G: Miss Nellie is, ① the person you asked to do MUJAKINI. Whether the injury.



RMT-G: We've been, how astonished al-Seine in tears Lupin's brilliant hand.

RMT-E: We seem to marvel at Al Seine = Lupin's vivid hand.

なぜなら、装身具をぜんぶもちだせば、かさばって隠すのが選別になるが、真珠やエメラルドやサファイアなどこまごましたものを座金からはずしてしまえば、 隠すことなど、いとも簡単だからである。

RMT-G: Because if the jewelry Mochidase ons, but a sort of hide the bulky, once removed from the washer to the odds and ends such as sapphire and emeralds and pearls, and hiding, because it is very easy.

RMT-E: Because it is very easy conceal it if the detailed one such as the pearl, emeralds, and sapphires is removed from the washer though it is selected to be bulky if all accessories are taken out and to conceal it.

RMT-B: Because, the [ze] it is the [bu] it starts having the ornament, being bulky, those where it hides become selection, but if the pearl and the emerald and the sapphire etc those which are done small are removed from the washer, the fact that among other things it hides, it is and therefore also simplicity it is.



RMT-E: Why is it at that everyone is amazed on the next day?

RMT-G: Sequent days, everyone was in despair?


RMT-E: Why is it at that the view to preceding visitor's [aidade] and [roze-nu] has divided?

RMT-G: Between the previous visitor, are divided views about Rozaine?



RMT-E: The misunderstanding that not is while sealed one's lips might be received.

RMT-G: Remained tight-lipped, there may be a misunderstanding None.



RMT-E: The content that mother had spoken: It was finished that Jiro understood.

RMT-G: What my mother said: Jiro was clear that the stamp.


RMT-E: Jiro, who beat out the contents of the story of the people.

RMT-G: Jiro came off to the content of people's stories leopard [shi].



RMT-G: Jiro is the story of your people think it is obvious that it was a little impressed with Shinano.

RMT-E: Jiro thinks that people's stories are natural, feels admiration for a moment, and is [nadatta].



RMT-E: Jiro's putting [**] getting into practice my [hen] also had it was not possible to put away throwing away.

RMT-G: Jiro is a kind of awkward in my mind, to carry into effect, they were unable to discard.


RMT-E: The people do not praise Jiro's behavior, and cross-examination [tarara] in addition.

RMT-G: People, without praising the action of Robert, and when he問ITSUME.



RMT-G: Your people are finally reached the limit of endurance, and express anger.

RMT-E: The people finally reached the limit of endurance, and made anger demonstrative.

RMT-B: The people reached to the limit of patience finally, made anger open.


RMT-G: Jiro is just too much for my feeling, finally threw the spoon.

RMT-E: Only Jiro threw out the spoon at last feeling that it was not possible to owe it to my hand.

RMT-B: Feeling that you cannot be unmanageable to your own just Jiro, finally you gave up in despair.



RMT-G: Jiro "bring distress upon a large species" means what? As you explain it to a squid saw Tousan abacus, that.

RMT-E: What is Jiro's "Seed of big worry"? Way squid [That's all Excite could handle?]

RMT-B: “Kind of the big stopping” of Jiro's, it is what? Thing of the abacus you question, when how it explains, the way to be whether, with, say.



RMT-E: It is [bakanesaretayoude], and mortifying feelings in [**] 3.

RMT-G: It seems silly to be俊三, vexatious feelings.


RMT-E: Hostility toward Jiro's [**] 3.

RMT-G: Of Jiro, hostility to俊三.



RMT-G: [rectangle] into words the best, come in sentences like oysters.
"If the Department were her, I am, indeed, I'll not tell anyone."

RMT-E: Lack the best word that enters 'Rectangle' in sentences, sleep, and come.
"When it is [**], do not say to nobody really "

RMT-B: 'The optimum word which enters into rectangle', the stamp come from in composition.
If when “, 俊 is, because me, truly, you do not say by anyone, don't you think?.”


RMT-E: Bring Jiro's behavior in this scene together. It kept asking in the have one's patience exhausted though the attitude of ..stating one's business.. [wanai] [**] 3 was quite threatened and it ..turning over.. ..[omo].. existed, [**] 3 ..Jiro.. found out the abacus by questioning, and it was found by questioning out to have destroyed it.

RMT-G: In this scene, so all the action of Jiro. Jiro is also the attitude of his or ODOKASHI俊三say the business, it continues to question the loss of patience,聞KI出SHITA KOWASHITA the abacus to the俊三.


RMT-G: "If it had been her Shun, I, indeed, I can not say to anyone."

RMT-E: "Really when it is [**], it doesn't say to nobody."

RMT-B: "Don't you think?, when 俊 is, me, truly, you do not say by anyone."


RMT-G: Jiro is interesting but I say the attitude of business Shunzo pretty, waiting game continues to question, but found out that abacus Shunzo broke.

RMT-E: Jiro kept comparing the root though thought the attitude of ..stating one's business.. [wanai] [**] 3 quite to be interesting, it ask, [**] 3 found out the abacus by questioning, and it was found by questioning out to have destroyed it.

RMT-B: The Jiro is not business matter easily, although 俊 thinking three attitudes funny, the root doing to compare, it continued to question, 俊 the fact that three broke the abacus it drew out.



RMT-E: The god of [oryumuposu] was deprived by seeing dominion in the world ..god of the tea turn.. seeing.

RMT-G: MIHA turn the god of tea, the control of the world, to have God ORYUMUPOSU UBAWA.



RMT-E: To live, animals configurated by the soil were given the ability with the feature respectively necessary by Epimetheus.

RMT-G: Saturday形DZUKURA in animals that are necessary for survival, the ability of each feature was SAZUKE by EPIMETEUSU.



RMT-G: Pandora is who, what woman was created for nothing. Zeus, a waterfall or 討Ta Me jobbed to Epimetheus.

RMT-E: For Pandora, who is the woman who has their making why? Zeus is ..done foe.. ..killing.. [tame] in Epimetheus.

RMT-B: As for [pandora], someone, is the woman who was made to make because some? Zeus, the one coming making [epimeteusu] because of attacking/questioning.



RMT-G: Epimetheus and Pandora, each, had been found trapped in Oryumuposu God.

RMT-E: Of each waits and the god of [oryumuposu] has waited for Epimetheus and Pandora in the trap of seeing.

RMT-B: As for [epimeteusu] and [pandora], each one, God of [oriyumuposu] was fixed to the straw raincoat trap.



RMT-E: Because Prometheus did not respond even if it went out well and dealings were offered, Zeus finally reached the limit of endurance.

RMT-G: Zeus, and offered some good deals, so the PUROMETEUSU refused, finally reached the limits of endurance.



RMT-G: Heracles is not to hear that Prometheus was tormented by rocky mountain 大Washi were rid of me without hesitation great.

RMT-E: [He-rakure-su] did not hesitate when effective in Prometheus being afflicted with Iwayama by a large eagle because of that and rooted out a large eagle.

RMT-B: [herakuresu] was not perplexed and when the reason it is effective in [purometeusu] which with the rocky mountain is tormented in large me, suppressed large me.



RMT-E: Social intercourse kept living without Florence changing for a while on the surface after it had traveled with the secret held in the mind for a long time.

RMT-G: Florence, KAKAETA remain a secret to much heart for a while after the trip, ostensibly to keep the social life unchanged.



RMT-E: Social activity etc. were not being requested by a woman at that time.

RMT-G: The women of the time, such as social work was not required.



RMT-E: Write as it is looking up at the word where the frame of mind of Florence is shown in a single phrase in sentences. Sense of hopelessness

RMT-G: Write the text from it to find a word that represents the heart of Florence, in one word. Hopelessness



RMT-E: Whether mother who had read a letter frowned because what is hoped to Florence? Live as marrying [rishi] and family's mistresses in an affluent house.

RMT-G: KUMORASETA the face of his mother reading the letter, because I was hoping that what Florence. Public accountant married to a wealthy family, to live as a lady in the family.


RMT-G: Even parents can not be agreed, crawling on the obstinate, but gave up the study of mathematics.

RMT-E: When obstinacy is put even if it is not agreed from parents, and it doesn't give up the study of mathematics.

RMT-B: Even if, when it is not approved from the parents and the [te], obstinacy the [tsu] [te], it does not abandon the study of mathematics.



RMT-E: Even if the ship breaks down by any chance, knowledge to be able to do appropriate at once correspondence is indispensable to the ship's crew.

RMT-G: Should you damage the boat, the proper knowledge to immediately respond, the crew of the ship is essential.



RMT-E: Externals of the [surugi] title: This storm can be got over or it is being doubted delicate and shape is also small.

RMT-G: No. SURUGI appearance: NORIKIRERU or even the threat of this storm, in the form of small dainty.



RMT-E: Not to be overthrown with call it centering on Bryanne each other, boys are fighting.

RMT-G: The boys, the voice of the KAKEAっBURIAN are fighting not to overthrow.



RMT-G: I'll be fine ship, the room (cabin), as told to.

RMT-E: The ship told it to be in the room (cabin) because of being safe.

RMT-B: Therefore the boat all right, that the room (the cabin) it is, you called.



RMT-E: Be in the situation that seems to meet an accident by the ship that only children took, and to be overthrown at any moment.

RMT-G: I boarded the ship in distress and children only, a situation that is likely to be overthrown any day.



RMT-G: And seek to reassure the boys are shaking, the cabin has been confirmed that the problem is.

RMT-E: It is confirmed to try to make boys who tremble relieved, and not to find abnormality in the cabin.

RMT-B: As you endeavor, that you will feel at rest the boys who, tremble you verify that it is not abnormal in the cabin.



RMT-G: Because we are still running at high speed boat (no problem), and optimistic attitude Yosootta.

RMT-E: Because the ship was running at a blistering speed as usual (There is no problem), an optimistic attitude was taken off.

RMT-B: Because the boat is running as usual at super speed, (there is no problem), with optimistic attitude another place it was.


RMT-G: Sail about all gone, Moko, or what seemed. Brien and ideas, as opposed to risk being washed away by the waves and coming from well behind us, prompting attention to the boys around.

RMT-E: As for completely lost of the sail, what appearance was [mo-ko-]? Attention was prompted to surrounding boys when there was danger of carried away on a wave of which we also came from the back contrary to Bryanne's idea.

RMT-B: Was [moko] what kind of circumstances concerning the sail is gone completely? When in the opposite direction to the thought of [burian], there is a danger of being carried off in the wave where we come from rear, note was urged to the boys around.



RMT-E: The appearance where the wave rises was compared to man's movement. Write from the sentence inside by the following number of strokes. The head was lifted

RMT-G: TATOETA Some people look to move the high waves. In writing, you write the following in字数. Head lifted

RMT-B: There is a place where the circumstances where the wave had become high are compared to the movement of the human. From in composition, write at the number of next letters. The head was raised



RMT-E: It sits at the desk straightening one's posture, and it listens to lecturer's story quietly.

RMT-G: Across the desk and head upright, tilt your ear glued to the story of the teacher.


RMT-E: It was advised to the ear, "It is important ..important sincere speech and behavior.." by being able to do the kite.

RMT-G: "It's important ... it is important for a good-faith behavior," was heard more than enough advice.



RMT-G: He is from the perspective of professionals, bluntly pointed out the problem.

RMT-E: かれは専門家の立場から、問題点を単刀直入に指摘した。

RMT-B: He from standpoint of the specialist, pointed out the problematical point straight forwardly.


RMT-G: Research procedures also it also states what to do with finances and groping in the dark.

RMT-E: Whether what how to advance the research also does fiscal resources again is in the state of the shade inside groping.

RMT-B: Also method of advancing the research, in addition how it does the revenue source, is state of groping in the dark.

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